Saturday, November 3, 2007

I downloaded Carrie Underwood's new album Carnival Ride from iTunes on the day it came out. I have listened to exactly 3 songs. They all send shivers up my spine and I choke up with tears. One is about daddy's little girl, and one is about a young woman who loses her husband in the war. I can't listen to the rest of the CD, it's just too sad for me. And it's called Carnival Ride?? This song, All-American Girl, is for all of us who are Daddy's girls (I'm a Mama's girl too though).

Mom is in a good mood today, she is coloring and watching the Hallmark channel movies. It is slightly overcast and chilly. I cleared out the right side of the garage in preparation for the new steps. I hope they make it easier for Mom to get in and out of the house. Then I did a Target run, to Super Target, and I killed two birds with one stone; I bought groceries and other things. But boy that store is huge, and it was busy!

Mom made a funny comment today. She said she's not ready to die. I don't know what brought that up unless she was retaining something from my conversation with Allyson about how my blog friend Betsy had lost her mom. This is a strange disease. Mom will start out saying something completely lucid only to end with something completely off the wall. Usually all in the same sentence. I try to be patient and let her express what she is trying to say. But it's hard. I'm so grateful for every minute that we get to spend together. Even though it's hard, and I get tired and inpatient, I'm glad that I can be with Mom. She is so important to me and she's a good mom. I'm not ready for her to leave me.

Listening to: Carrie Underwood - All-American Girl
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librarianne said...

What kind of dogs are Bailey and Satine? In the video (Oct. 27) they seem like such joyful pups!

rilera said...

Bailey is a Shi Tzu and Satine is a Pemeranian/Shi Tzu mix. They are adorable, sweet little dogs. Satine will see me or my mom and make a beeline for us, regardless of what she is doing.

nancy said...

i know what you mean about wanting to spend as much time as you can with your mom. even though i know it's for the best that russ is gone and no longer suffering, i miss him terribly, even the AD russ.

hang in there. you are doing a wonderful job!

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