Monday, November 5, 2007

Tonight I am irritable. I think it's the fact that it is getting dark earlier now that we are off daylight saving time. Or maybe it's because Mom is whiny. I got her to get up and go see the ramp in progress in the garage, and that seemed to help her mood. It, the ramp, is going to be nice. All that is left to do is to add the railings and put the steps in. It is really cold here today so around 2 PM the guy left to go work on the modular steps at home. Speaking of cold, I saw SNOW FLURRIES flying around this afternoon. ICK! I'm definitely NOT ready for that. I think my seasonal depression is starting to kick in too. Think positive...

Mom is coloring now and we are watching Raymond. Dancing with the Stars will be on in about 40 minutes. Mom has already said she wants to go to bed. We need to get more coloring books. Watching Raymond always makes Mom miss Dad.

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~Betsy said...


I have a couple of coloring posters that Mom never got to do. They are the velvet ones with bright markers. If you would like them, please email me your address and I will happily send them.

Hang in there. You are a wonderful daughter to your mom.

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