Monday, November 12, 2007

I took Mom to get her hair cut tonight. This is always a trial. Mom is in pain from her hips so she's not very mobile. I purposely made an appointment for mid afternoon so as to avoid the sundowning that occurs in the evening. The salon called early this morning and asked if we could move Mom's appointment to 5:30.The stylist's daughter was sick (a stomach virus like Mom had last week!). OK, I said. Mom acts like she is being tortured the whole time. I try to keep a grip on my patience knowing that it's the disease. I'm getting tired of being patient though. Tonight she started in about me having work to go to and she has nothing. Well, she has daycare so I guess she just has to accept that. After nearly 2 months she still complains about having to go to daycare.

My cousin called tonight. They will be here next Tues. They plan to drive to Madison, WI the first day. It will be nice to see them.


~Betsy said...

The hair appointment is one battle I never won. Each time I would wash my mom's hair, I would remark about how much she needed it trimmed. She flatly refused and I simply didn't have the energy to fight. Her hair was cut the day after my dad died (she allowed my cousin to come to the house and do it) and never again after that. I feel your pain.

Hang in there, Robyn. You're a wonderful daughter.

nancy said...

russ also refused to go get it cut but he was perfectly ok with me trimming it. i was scared the first few times but did an ok job. maybe you could try yourself next time???

i remember a lot of my friends trying to play stairway to heaven on their guitars, a classic!

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