Thursday, November 8, 2007

I am still home. Now I have a cold and feel miserable. But on a good note, I was able to meet Mom's home health aide Terri. She is awesome! She's really good with Mom too, though Mom refused to take a shower or go to Prairie today. I guess that's OK though since I'm home anyway. She likes kitties too which is good since we have two. Terri didn't realize we had two since Lily hides. I showed her Lily hiding under the sofa.

I also had a psych appointment. I am switching meds and may end up upping the dose too. She also wrote me a note for work so that has lifted a weight off of my shoulders. Unfortunately I don't really get much support from work and I feel like they think I'm just slacking off. But between caring for Mom, dealing with my fibromyalgia and depression it's hard. I have to put Mom and myself before my job. I've taken up the slack for others my whole career so now it's time for me to receive the same kind of understanding that I've given to others. I don't know how many times I've picked up the workload of people on maternity leave or surgical leave. Because I'm single, I've always volunteered to work overtime or holidays without nary a complaint. Now it's my turn for some understanding and support.

Mom is feeling much better but I'm still feeding her the BRAT diet just to be sure. Last night I gave her plain white rice for dinner and she couldn't finish it and got a little sick. Today she seems better though.

It's sunny today! YAY!


nancy said...

glad to hear your mom is continuing to improve. now we have to work on you feeling better. being a caregiver can put so much stress on us that we don't realize.

i will say a prayer that your work will be understanding. it has always irritated me when they don't. bob and i always prided ourselves that we told our employees that their families came first, cuz our did.

hang in there and keep u posted after your appointment.

~Betsy said...

There definitely is a tendency in the business world to expect singles to take less time off for family matters. This needs to be changed.

I'm glad your mom is feeling better and I hope you will soon be, too.

Hang in there. I'm here if you need me.

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