Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Here is the completed ramp. Pretty nice!

I'm in drama queen role big time. I've been crying and feeling low; I think my SAD is kicking in. It didn't help that Mom was sick and I didn't sleep much and now I'm stuck at home and it's cloudy. Mom is doing much better, drinking 7-up and eating some Jello. I feel so alone though and there is no one to turn to. It's a good thing I'm going to the psych tomorrow cuz I think I need to up my meds. Or switch meds. I hate antidepressants. But I can't function without them. I've tried. I think that underlying all of this drama is a fear that I have missed too much work between my issues and Mom's and there may be repercussions.

On the plus side, the home aide wrote in her report that Mom was combative and teary yesterday. She was still sleeping when the aide showed up and confused. I called the agency and told them Mom felt bad and the social worker said there was no need to apologize, they deal with that type of behavior all the time with ALZ patients. I am impressed by this, since the last agency just wanted to push meds on Mom for this behavior, and several of them quit because of it. If you're going to deal with ALZ patients you have to know that this is part of the disease. Today Mom was smiling when I came into the den. She has a lovely smile and I almost feel like my old Mom is back when I see it. I love to see that smile.


Annie said...

Robyn, just checking in. Hope you and Mom are feeling better. I so understand the feeling alone.
Have a good night.

~Betsy said...

Wow! Great ramp!

I hope you and your mom are feeling better today. These viruses that come on like this are terrible.

nancy said...

great ramp! i am also glad your mom is feeling better. i hope you were able to get a good night's sleep last night. i think we all can function better with some sleep. hang in there!

rilera said...

Thanks everyone for all of your kindness and support. I really do appreciate it! I was able to sleep a good 12 hours last night. It felt good.

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