Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I was not prepared for the cold this morning. It was 10 degrees when I drove to the vanpool. It didn't warm up much at all.

For some weird reason I'm not feeling a Thanksgiving let-down, though I think Mom is. Perhaps that is because I experienced my let-down before my sister left and now I have pulled it together in order to accomplish all that I was assigned to do.

My aunt called twice today. I think she is really worried and upset about her sister. Amazingly, when I called Mom this afternoon she told me her sister had called. I usually take this with a grain of salt but sure enough, her name and number were on the caller ID for today. Way to go Mom remembering this! I wish I could have prepared auntie for Mom's AD progression better.

I am on the waiting list now for one of the memory care facilities, I'm touring another on 12/7 and I need to get a check to the third one. I feel good about the places my sister and I chose, I think they will take good care of Mom when the time comes. But I know she will pitch a fit.

Joyce stopped by for an hour just to make sure Mom was OK and to chat. She said Mom was in good spirits. Terri also said that Mom was in good spirits this AM with her. And she took a shower. Bu she didn't go to day care. She was too tired.

Friday she is scheduled for a mammogram. I hope it warms up by then.


~Betsy said...

It was nothing short of a miracle when my remembered to tell me about a phone call. I remember getting caller ID for my parents' a few years before my dad died. I think it saved his sanity because Mom rarely remembered to tell him about a phone call.

I'm sorry your aunt is feeling so badly. I know when you don't see one of our LO's for a while and then you do, the decline can be overwhelming.

Annie said...

I'm glad you have found a good place for your Mom when the time comes. One less thing to worry about!

nancy said...

it must be a good feeling to have found a place for your mom when the time comes. is it close by?

i agree, the cold has settled in with no relief in site.

rilera said...

Nancy, 2 facilities are within 5 miles of home and the other is about 9 miles away. They are all lovely places. I'd move in in a heartbeat :)

cornbread hell said...

10 degrees? BRRRRRR.

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