Monday, November 5, 2007

I am feeling better now. Our nightly ritual is to get into Mom's bed and watch TV. Tonight, Mom was ready at 7:45 so off we went. Mom fell asleep holding my hand. I kissed her goodnight and told her I love her. She's sleeping now. It's so cold here tonight, I left an extra blanket along with her down quilt on Mom's bed.

Lily and I are cuddling and watching Dancing With The Stars. I hesitate to vote for the celebs who having dancing as part of their profession. I'd rather vote for someone who has no dancing in their background. It makes it more interesting to take someone who's never danced and turn them into a dancer. That's my philosophy anyway. I also think that the choice of music makes a big difference. Last week when Jane Seymour danced, I think it was the jive, to David Bowie's Modern Love, it just didn't do it for me, mostly because of the song. Tonight someone danced to Jeanne, Jeannie, also a weird choice. Oh well.


Annie said...

What a sweet way to go to sleep. I'm glad you are feeling better. I had flurries here too, but at least the wind has died down some and the sun is peaking out now and then today. Have a good one!

nancy said...

we had sleet or hail, i'm not sure which. boy has the weather changed in the last few days, so windy too! try to stay warm!

~Betsy said...

It's cold here, too. I always struggle with the first few cold days each season. Hang in there.