Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mom has been sneezing a lot. I hope she's not coming down with a cold. I bought some Zicam rapid melts for her. That's the only problem with the day program: Mom is exposed to more germs. But if she's happy there then that is OK. It's a beautiful sunny day today, but chilly. The lumber was delivered for our low rise steps bright and early this morning.

At 1:30 this morning I had both kitties on my bed. Lily seemed indignant that Olivia dared be on her bed. Olivia, like a bull in a china shop, was climbing all over, knocking things off the nightstand and jumping on me. She's still a baby relatively.

Gasoline is over three dollars a gallon again.... video


Annie said...

I tried those ZiCam melts too. Ooh, they taste awful. I got Mom to take one, but now she is on to the taste and won't take them.

rilera said...

Yes, they do taste pretty terrible. Mom didn't mention that though so I wonder if she has a very good sense of taste.