Sunday, July 1, 2007

I just read in the paper that most European governments and Canada mandate a certain number of days off for vacation for workers. Finland guarantees 39 days off per year while Canada 18 days and Japan 10. In some countries workers cannot trade time off for money, they must use their vacation time. How many days off are American workers guaranteed? Zero, zip, nada, bupkis. America is dead last among countries that guarantee a certain number of days off for workers. I see this as a public health issue. Americans are stressed out, obese and unhealthy in other ways. Perhaps our government needs to address this issue and allow the American workers more days off. Sure this would cut into the profits of many companies but, in an age when CEOs are making millions of dollars doesn't it seem fair to give the people who are doing the real work a fair shake? I think corporate greed is what drives this in the US. I for one do not plan to work forever if I can possibly help it.

We met some more of our neighbors. They are really nice and they knew one of the police officers who came to help Mom up yesterday. Mom did pretty well today but she was embarrassed about not being able to get herself up. I told her she didn't need to be embarrassed, everyone needs help sometimes.

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