Thursday, October 25, 2007

Joyce warned me. Mom was upset about not being picked up until 4:15 yesterday. She said she wasn't going today and she didn't. Sherry called at 10:00 to let me know that Mom didn't want to get out today. Still, Terri was able to give her a shower. She was up and in the bathroom when I left this morning so she must have decided to go back to bed. When I called Mom to check in this morning she seemed sorry that Terri had left and she said she hates to be alone. I reminded her that she could have gone to Prairie today. Oh well. Tomorrow we are going to get our flu shots. There has been 1 case verified in Minnesota, but that person had been traveling so our virology lab director does not feel that can be considered the 'first case of the season'.

It's another glorious autumn day here. Stunning but cool.

I was reading through my journal last night. Way back in 2004 I was worried about Mom and her memory. I think that must have been when my aunt and uncle visited and expressed their concerns too. I have several entries where I voiced my concerns not only about her memory, but also her desire to remain isolated in her home. I tried to encourage her to remain active and up until the winter of 2004-05 she did a fairly good job by doing her water aerobics, playing cards with the neighborhood ladies and participating in a Red Hat Society group. She expressed several times her inability to catch on and learn the card game 500. She said she felt 'stupid'. This was clearly a sign that something was wrong. It sure didn't take long for her to begin a rapid decline. I remember how freaked out I was very soon after we moved in together and learned just how far along her AD was at that time.


~Betsy said...

I wish I had kept a journal of Mom's initial problems and diagnosis. The dates escape me now. I guess it isn't relevant, but I'd still like to know.

Sorry your mom had a bad day. I guess there are good ones and bad ones. Enjoy that sunshine while you can!

nancy said...

i too wish i had a clearer picture of russ early on but....

hang in there, unfortunately there will be many more bad days than good. embrace those good ones. you are doing a wonderful job.

flintysooner said...

I remember how upset I was when I finally understood how much dad had lost. That was a tough time for me.

I understand about not wanting to go out though. Sometimes it just seems like so much effort.

Dad would never take flu shots. I took them myself. I got sick ever so often and he rarely was sick. I always thought it interesting.

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