Saturday, October 6, 2007

Today we received the diagrams of the proposed riser steps for the garage. That is amazing! Now we are waiting to get a bid from a contractor. The riser steps include a larger platform and run parallel to the side of the garage therefore requiring only one handrail. The other railing would be attached to the garage wall. I'm excited to receive the bids. At first Mom was certain she didn't need this, but the rest of us have other ideas about this. The Ramp Project

It was so hot today, 90 degrees which is about 30 degrees higher than normal. J came over, well actually Satine saw me on the patio and she bypassed George and Kathy's new puppy Bailey (who is pretty darn cute) and came racing over to see me. Mom heard J talking to me and joined us on the patio. Satine, who had been playing with Bailey, came racing over and climbed up to be by Mom. She is the sweetest little dog. Olivia and Lily observed the two puppies from behind the patio glass door. Bailey is a little black Shih Tzu. Very cute but he is teething so he chews on people. Mom was into it.


~Betsy said...

Wow! The ramp project looks fantastic!

It's hot here too. 86 degrees today. The Penguins had their home opener tonight - mid 80's and hockey don't mix!

rilera said...

It is still hot and muggy here too. Way too hot for October. I hope it cools down tonight.

The Minnesota Wild played last night too and it was weird to see hockey when it is so hot.

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