Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mom's home health aide Terri called this morning. I was a little startled to see our home number on the caller ID at first. She was trying to figure out how to work the remote for the TV. We have 3 remotes, one for the TV, one for the cable box and one for the DVD player. I try to keep them all hidden except for the one for the cable box. Terri wanted to know how to work the remote, so I explained over the phone. She said (and this I already knew) that Mom likes to watch 'Ellen', she will laugh out loud. Mom hasn't lost her sense of humor. We laugh a lot about silly things and she loves to watch situation comedies. Terri was a little doubtful that Mom would want to go to Prairie, but guess what? She went! I'm glad. Terri seems like a good person. She said that Mom gets really agitated and will cry, so I have called the neurologist to see if we should up Mom's seroquel. Mom is fine with me though so I'm not sure about this. I really don't like to overly medicate either myself or her. In the meantime, I've added a fourth day to the schedule for Mom so that she will have someone with her on the mornings when I go to work. This gives me some peace of mind. Now I've got to get my rear to the ALF places from 'A Place for Mom'. I'm procrastinating though.

The November issue of National Geographic has a story about memory; how we keep it and how we lose it. They have a picture that compares a healthy brain to one ravaged by AD. It's so scary to see, and it really portrays just why our loved ones lose memories and other functions, slowly but surely. It really is an awful thing. Mapping Memory

This is from my sister. Makes you think.

AARP Study Finds US Has Much to Learn from German Long-Term Care System


Annie said...

My Mom likes to watch Ellen too. Sometimes I can even get her to dance. I keep thinking, if only they would play a polka! She also loves "Whose Line is it Anyway." She calls Colin and Ryan, "those goofy guys."

~Betsy said...

The National Geographic site was pretty interesting. It saddens me to see the damage done by this disease.

I'm glad you have someone for Mom each morning while you are at work. And I'm really glad you have found a good one.

flintysooner said...

I so know what you mean about being startled when you get a call from a caregiver.

I have a whole bunch of remotes. I guess when I have to change to digital TV's maybe I'll consider going modern and getting rid of some of them.

That's great by the way that your mom enjoys a program and that she can laugh out loud at it. I remember those times with my dad and they are such precious memories.

You're doing such a great job on your planning on scheduling.

rilera said...

Betsy, I keep coming back to that image of the Alz ravaged brain. It is shocking to me and very disturbing.

Flinty, thanks for your comments. Sometimes I feel way too overwhelmed by everything so it's nice to hear that I'm doing a good job.

Annie, a polka on Ellen would be great!

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