Sunday, October 21, 2007

We are back to gloominess and cold. It's really windy today and that is blowing all of the leaves off of the trees. Very sad. I am not looking forward to winter, with the snow and cold and short daylight. Thought I would include another picture though from yesterday. This is from the bluff overlooking the river.

About 2:30 this morning Mom called out for help. She was wrapped up in the bedcovers and couldn't move. I got her unwrapped and then stayed with her until she fell back to sleep. This morning she slept until 8:00 and I helped her take a shower. I need to think of a way to warm up her bathroom. The tile floor and white walls are not very welcoming. She used to have rugs on the floor but they spent more time in the wash than on the floor so I took them up.

My coworker Nancy says that the second half of our life is about dealing with loss. True.


~Betsy said...

Robyn, we installed an overhead heater/light/fan combination in Mom's bathroom. The heater helps so much because she really gets chilly when she showers - especially during the fall and winter months.

These photos are fantastic! I had no idea the beauty in Minnesota. Thanks for sharing.

rilera said...

There are some really beautiful areas in Minnesota. I like Minneapolis because there are so many parks and lakes and walking trails. It's really beautiful here. You should visit Minnesota!

nancy said...

minnesota reminds me a lot of wisconsin. all the hills and wooded areas and lakes. i love it here, i just wish winter was only about 2-3 months instead of the 5+ we seem to have.

rilera said...

I agree, the winters are awful. But they are better in Minneapolis than they were in Northern Minnesota where I used to live.