Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mom got up before me this morning. When I came up there was a trail of poop leading into the den. I convinced her to get up to take a shower and discovered that she was wearing her nightgown, which was covered in stool and tucked into her pants. Her Depends where loaded as well. She got a little belligerent with me about taking a shower, but she did it and we got her all cleaned up. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday she got up and did her duty in the toilet with no problem. I think maybe the difference is from the fact that she had her accident while in bed and then got confused about what to do. Anyway, the carpet I cleaned yesterday has to be cleaned again :( Another day in paradise.

The weather is cloudy, cold and gloomy and the rest of the week portends the same. Eh. Not my favorite time of the year. November is usually even more cloudy.

There is one big change that I have noticed since we stopped the Aricept: Mom's aphasia is much worse. She really has trouble getting out intelligible sentences. But the diarrhea is better, at least when she's not on antibiotics.


~Betsy said...

Oh Robyn - I am so sorry. This disease is the pits. :(

Is your mom still on the antibiotic for her UTI? Could this be the cause of the fecal problems? Sorry, just grasping at straws. I understand the exasperated tone in your post - I'm right there with ya', friend.

Hang in, Robyn. You're doing a great job.

rilera said...

Tomorrow is Mom's last day on the antibiotic but of course the diarrhea can persist. I think she gets angry because she's ashamed. Poor Mommy. I DO hate this disease.

flintysooner said...

I'm so sorry - I know it is so hard - just hang in there. You are doing a great job caring for her and all the while you're loving her and looking after her like no one else could. Bless you.

nancy said...

i hope tomorrow is another day. i remember all too well, the situation you described!

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