Saturday, October 13, 2007

The weather was lovely today in Minnesota. It was sunny and crisp. A perfect autumn day. Sunshine goes a long way in lifting my mood, and I think Mom is the same. I know that Dad was affected by dreary days. He used to comment on how the cold sunny days of winter were so much better than cloudy mild days. Mom had a good day too. She is starting to talk about day care a little. Today she mentioned that some of the ladies were 'sassy'. Not sure what that means. We watched 'I Love Lucy' tonight. It's nice to hear Mom laugh out loud. She loves that show. I enjoy watching it too.

Allyson asked Joe about the bid we received for the low riser steps and he thought it was reasonable so I will call and set up a time to have them done. That should help Mom so much with getting in and out of the house.


~Betsy said...

Mom enjoys The Andy Griffith show more than I Love Lucy - I try to put it on for her when I remember. I also recently discovered The Lawrence Welk Show is on Saturday nights on PBS. She was thrilled when I put that on.

I'm glad your mom is settling in to the day care. It must be such a relief for you.

nancy said...

it was a beautiful day in door county on saturday too.

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