Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm mostly ready for Christmas. I've got all the presents bought and sent, the one thing I haven't done is the Christmas cards. We really haven't gotten that many and I'm debating about sending any at all. What do I say? Mom is losing her mind, Merry Christmas? Most friends know that something is up, it's the out of state ones who don't.

I ordered 2 Christmas pop up books and they came today. Mom has had a great time looking at them. One is about Christmas around the world and the other is about the nativity. They are lovely books.

Tomorrow I'm taking Mom to the doctor to find out if there is something wrong with her ankle. She has been complaining for about a week of pain and I finally narrowed it down to her ankle.


cornbread hell said...

send 'em your love and best wishes... and a link to your wonderful blog.

~Betsy said...

Last year, I just signed mom's name on her cards. I didn't add a note or whatever - didn't see the point.

I'm glad to see you are ready for Christmas.

Hope Mom's ankle is OK. Keep us posted.

Annie said...

Oh no! Hope the ankle is ok!

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