Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More snow! Tomorrow. Ick. It's pretty and everything, and it really gets me in the Christmas spirit, but it slows traffic to a crawl. Today it wasn't even snowing and it took 1.5 hours to get home.

Speaking of Christmas, I ordered a 24 inch teddy bear for Mom for Christmas. It might help to calm her down to have something to hold. I also ordered a Barry Manilow concert DVD for her. We were watching his show on PBS the other night and it really made Mom happy. She is a big fan. For her sake, I can put up with it. I just hope it doesn't turn into something she wants to watch all of the time like Everybody Loves Raymond. I think I know each show by heart now.

Why do builders put smoke detectors so far up that you have to have a cherry picker to change the batteries and test them??? The one in Mom's room is chirping. Did I mention that we have vaulted ceilings? I had called to get someone to change the battery and they wanted $110.00! What?? To change a BATTERY? I'm buying me a huge ladder and going into the business! Anyway, tomorrow I get to try to find someone to change it or disable it. I'm going to start with the fire department. I pay taxes, shouldn't they come and change a battery? We'll see.

Mom was frazzled this morning when Terri came. She had soiled herself and her bed again and she was confused about how to clean herself up. Terri came to the rescue, got her in the shower and then got her settled in. Starting tomorrow Terri will be coming for 3 hours each day. That should give us some better coverage and help me out a little. I'm sure all my caregiver friends can relate to this scenario. I've washed sheets every night after work this week and I'm tired. Especially after a long time stuck in traffic in the middle of a snowstorm.


cornbread hell said...

mom had a spell of bed wetting not long ago. but daily, it's not a problem anymore. i count my blessings and hope the best for you and yours.
vesicare? depends?


Cinnamin said...

I have years of "training" regarding those vaulted ceiling smoke alarms! Tools needed: Step stool and a broom! HIT repeatedly until it shuts up (read here; Falls down). Drive to nearest home improvement do it yourself store and purchase new alarm (cheap ones start at under $ 5.00) and install in a new (lower) location! I put most of ours behind the door to each bed room. Best of luck with this! :-b

Annie said...

You would think if they were installing it that high, that it would be hard wired, not battery operated. That would make sense though, wouldn't it.

Mom needs the super-absorbent Depends, the regular ones just didn't cut it.

~Betsy said...

Good luck with the smoke alarm. I like Cinn's suggestion!

Sorry about the incontinence. I know how hard it is to wash sheets after a long day. Hang in there.

rilera said...

Thanks for the ideas and support, Blog Buddies! You are the best. Welcome to Cinnamin!

We are using the super absorbent, but I think we need something for night time.

Annie said...

I just looked at the package...they are actually super plus absorbent pull up underwear. And sometimes they still aren't enough for overnight either. What about putting another pad in the underwear? That's the only thing I can think of.

nancy said...

do you have a washale pad that goes over the sheet? it is maybe 36" wide and covers like mid-back to knees. that way you only have to wash that every day when she leaks, not the rest of the bedding. worked really well for me as nothing really seemed to contain russ at night.

i'd love to come watch barry with your mom everyday. i'm a huge fan of his as well. too bad we don't live closer! russ also loved raymond.

rilera said...

Hi Nancy, I wish you lived closer too! I'd love to meet you and the rest of my blogger friends.

I have a disposable pad on Mom's bed under the sheet. I have to look for a washable pad. Can you describe it a little more for me? Where could I get one?

nancy said...

i wish i still had one and i would send it to you. the in-patient unit for hospice sent some home with me and then i returned them after russ died. i found a link from the alz. forum message boards. you should also be able to purchase them from a medical supply company locally.
after you go to this site, click on ostomy & incontinence, then click on underpads, bedpads then click on reusable underpads. you will see some pictures with size descriptions. early on i liked the tabbed ones so that they stayed in place when russ got in and out of bed. at the end i used the tabless as i needed to pull him up in bed to reposition him. let me know if you have more questions. good luck!