Friday, December 7, 2007

I've been thinking more about the life lessons to be learned from Alzheimer's. One lesson is to learn to live in the moment while planning for the future. Another lesson it teaches is learning to let go. I am/was very attached to both of my parents and losing them was an impossible thing for me to consider. With Dad, the cancer allowed us to say goodbye but unfortunately, it also made us watch him suffer. With Mom, again the suffering and loss of dignity. Every day is precious because there are no guarantees. Both diseases have allowed me to come to terms with the mortality of my parents, something that I have dreaded as they aged. Anyway, just me rambling away.

Thank you Nancy for the info about the washable bed pads. I ordered 2 today! I'm sure they will help me and Mom.

I visited the final memory care facility and met with the director and the head RN, both of whom I liked very much. I put a deposit down so that we can be included on the waiting list. Now it's in God's hands.

It's sunny but cold today. We have so much snow, it's amazing. Just one week ago we had none. The roads, however, are mostly cleared.


nancy said...

i'm glad i could help. hope they work for you as well as they did for me.

i want to tell you how much i admire how you are planning for the future with your mom. i know it must be tough to think about the day you will no longer be able to care for her but all your preparing and planning now will really help you when the time comes. you are amazing!

Cinnamin said...

Just checking in with you. Your thinking is parallel to mine. The planning, the letting go...The random thoughts! :)

No one warned us that this disease would be all consuming - Every life event, right down to getting a shower and going to the store, involves planning these days!

I was glad to read that your neighbor changed the smoke alarm batteries for you - What a nice guy!

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