Saturday, December 29, 2007

Twenty years ago today my nephew Matt was born in Los Alamos, NM. It's hard to believe that he's 20 years old. He's a good kid, a sophomore at Syracuse University. Today when we called him to wish him Happy Birthday, he told us that he had won a Wii, and a Garmin GPS from some contest on Comedy Central. He was pretty excited, but then who wouldn't be? Happy Birthday Matt! I love you.

Mom is coloring. She said her ankle was bothering her so I gave her some of the tylenol with codeine and she slept for a little while this afternoon while I watched one of my favorite movies Under the Tuscan Sun. Watching that movie makes me want to move to Tuscany. It looks beautiful.

I had both kitties on my lap today. That is a rarity.


cornbread hell said...

i like that movie, too.
you know what else is heart warming? hearing about your mom and her coloring. it always conveys a sense of serenity in my mind.

the ongoing ankle discomfort bothers me, though. i sure hope she gets over it soon.

rilera said...

Hi Rick, I'm concerned about the ankle too. We see the doc on Friday again.

Mom colors pretty much nonstop from the time she gets up until the time she goes to bed. It's very calming for her and she loves it.

cornbread hell said...

well then, friday can't come too soon.

if i had a million dollars i'd spend a bunch of it to get all us AD bloggers and our parents together. your mom sounds like someone i'd like to meet and color with.
(no, my lottery idea didn't pan out.)

Annie said...

I was reading the flyer that came with Mom's antibiotic (Cipro) for her UTI, it says that it can cause tendon injuries. Could something like that have happened when treating your Mom's UTI? I don't know what antibiotic she was on.

~Betsy said...

Happy Birthday to Matt!

I think a get together of bloggers would be awesome. Start playing the powerball, Rick.

I hope you get to the bottom of the ankle pain soon.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Robyn, I hope the doc is able to take care of your mom's ankle discomfort soon. My mom colors most of the day, too. She absolutely loves to color. I have noticed since she started coloring a few years ago that she's no longer staying in the lines and most of her pictures now are colored all one color. Such a difference. But she loves doing it.

I like Rick's idea about getting the bloggers together. ;)

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