Saturday, December 1, 2007

You know you're a true Minnesotan when:

1. A snowstorm sends shivers of excitement and anticipation up your spine.
2. Camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness is your idea of a vacation.
3. Going to the beach means a trip to Lake Superior.
4. There are only 2 seasons; winter and road construction.
5. Driving in 10 inches of snow is not daunting.
6. Fire hydrants in your neighborhood have tall stakes which allow them to be easily located when they are buried in several feet of snow.
7. You're sick of snow by February and are ready for the next season (road construction).

This photo was taken at 12:30 PM in the middle of a Minnesota snowstorm. You might be able to notice the little flags that mark the curbs and driveways. My sister claims these flags are not nearly tall enough.


cornbread hell said...

2 things minnesotans and texans have in common: heavy accents and road construction. (but our RC is year round.)

in your best minnesota accent, repeat after me, "kiirby puuckett."

Annie said...

Rick, you sure know how to make a girl cry. I'm not even a baseball fan. Next you'll talk about Paul Wellstone. That one really makes me sob.

Sorry for momentarily hijacking your comments, Robyn. Hope you and your Mom are staying warm and snuggled in.

rilera said...

Rick, not all of us sound like Marge Gunderson in the movie Fargo :)

Annie, we are staying warm and snuggled in. I was surprised by how early the snow started today.

~Betsy said...

We drove home in an ice storm tonight. Apparently this is the same weather system that brought you the pretty white stuff. Stay warm!

cornbread hell said...

kirby puckett and paul wellstone are world heroes, not just minnesota heroes.

(sorry marge. er, uh... back to you, robyn.)

rilera said...

Betsy, Ice storms are the worst! I'm glad you made it home safely.

Rick, Thank you for not mentioning Jesse Ventura. We in MN are trying to plead amnesia when it comes to him. I went to the 1987 World Series game 6. What a thrill.

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