Saturday, December 15, 2007

Last night we watched "It's a Wonderful Life". I love that movie. I'm a latecomer to it though, I really hadn't watched it before until about 4 years ago. Mom enjoyed it too. She has been having a series of really good days and I'm very grateful for it. It's almost like she is back to normal. But I know that's not true.

Yesterday I went out and bought gifts for Mom's caregivers. I am almost done with my Christmas shopping and birthday shopping (both my niece and nephew are December babies). I bought coloring books for Mom of course, and Sander's hot fudge for my siblings. Sanders is a Michigan tradition, specifically a Detroit tradition. My grandfather worked there for 50 years, he managed a downtown Detroit store. My great-grandfather also worked for and managed a Sander's store. The best things from Sander's include their colonial buttercream cakes and their Christmas cookies. Each of us kids had a First Birthday cake from Sander's where they put our baby picture on the top of the cake. Mom has pictures of each of us with our Sander's cakes. Yummy stuff. Another Michigan tradition is the best ginger ale in the world, Vernors. It's the best and they finally sell it in Minnesota or you can buy it online. My sister found some in Pittsburgh and bought some and hoarded it.

It's sunny but very cold here in Minnesota. It was -2 today when I got up and headed out to Target. but the sun makes a world of difference. It's warming up right now. Even Mom's mood is brighter when the sun is out.


Annie said...

Have you ever had The Ginger People's Ginger Beer? It is my favorite thing to drink.

rilera said...

Hi Annie, No, I've never tried that but I will look for it.

How are you and your Mom doing? I love these sunny days we've been having. Makes the cold temps bearable.

Cinnamin said...

Thank you for that memory! I remember drinking Vernors Ginger-ale in Pittsburgh with my Grandparents many, many years ago!

That chocolate shop looks too yummy for words! Do the candies really have fudge inside??

We have a local place, Dewars, who make a really interesting CHEW candy. That's what they call them, "Dewars Chews"...Good stuff too! I'm searching for a link to ad to my blog so you can see them.

Also, thanks for you prayers, I appreciate them greatly!

~Betsy said...

I didn't realize Vernor's ginger-ale was a delicacy! I see it on the grocery shelves each week when I look for my treasured favorite, Dr. Pepper.

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