Sunday, December 9, 2007

I've added a poll after reading about a study that links having a sweet tooth with AD. They found that mice who were given large amounts of sugary pop (soda for the non-Midwesterners) were more likely to have memory issues. I'm conducting an informal poll to see if this is a possibility.

Mom seems to get more agitated around dinner time and I suppose it's sundowning. Around 4:30 PM she started wanting to go to bed today. I told her she could take a nap if she wanted but she didn't want to. I think she gets bored. Luckily my sister called and that distracted Mom. She was saying that she didn't know what she was supposed to be doing (we've heard that before, right?). She also has developed a sensitivity to the temperature of food. She used to like her meals piping hot, but now she complains. I try to make sure food is thoroughly cooked though but I let it cool before I give it to her. She also doesn't like things that are too cold, like ice cream. She used to LOVE ice cream. Her sweet tooth has pretty much vanished, though she does still like an occasional treat.


~Betsy said...

The change in food preferences was hard for me to adjust to with Mom. But she still adored her ice cream - always did.

For your poll, my mom always enjoyed sweets but she preferred salty to sugar any day. Frankly, I think the salt contributed to her high blood pressure by the age of 40 which in turn contributed to her TIA's. Nobody ever told me for sure (her neuro was a moron), but I assume in addition to her AD she also had vascular dementia issues.

Annie said...

Mom would eat only marshmallows if I let her!

cornbread hell said...

mom still likes ice cream. especially peanut butter ice cream.

i think she used to have pretty much of a sweet tooth back in the day, but that's diminished quite a bit lately.

long ago she used to keep a stash of chocolates in her kitchen. up until a few months ago she still liked to have chocolate chip cookies on the counter and would eat more than were prob'ly good for her.

she still has some chocolate chip cookies that i finally put in the fridge. i couldn't just throw them out?? i know i should, but i keep thinking she'll want one.

the truth is, i think she just forgets she has a fridge now.

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