Saturday, December 22, 2007

It snowed overnight, well actually it rained then snowed. The trees and bushes are coated with a light frosting of snow and it's lovely. I went to the grocery store this morning and bought our Christmas dinner. It wasn't too busy. I wish my brother in law was here to carve it for me. It certainly looks and feels like Christmas around here.

Mom is doing pretty good. Her ankle seems a little bit better. At least she's not yelping in pain too much. She asked me what I wanted for Christmas from her. I forgot to wrap something and put her name on it to me. Oh well.


nancy said...

oh robyn,
at least your mom can still remember that traditionally gifts are exchanged at Christmas, last year russ had no idea at all what was going on. i hope you enjoy your Christmas with you mom and have wonderful memories. will anyone else join you?

rilera said...

Hi Nancy, I too am grateful for the fact that Mom can remember Christmas. We will be alone for the holiday. It will be peaceful. Thank you Nancy for all of your advice and support. I thank God everyday for my 'blogger' friends.

cornbread hell said...

as i wrestled with the frustration of explaining over and over about the gift cards my sister and i purchased on her behalf, nancy's reminder of being grateful for the smallest things is so true. and so timely. thanks nancy.

yesterday *we* spent 4-5 hours putting together photo albums for some of her children. mom mostly kept asking where in the world i got all the old pictures.
"from you," i'd say.

as confusing as it was for her, she DID come up with many old memories and stories as we sorted through them.

that was one of the best hours long *moments* we've spent together in a while.

blessings to you and mom, robyn. i'm very happy to hear her ankle is better.

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