Tuesday, January 29, 2008

After reading about Annie's Stewie and his recent passing, I decided to look up the differences between alpacas and llamas. They are both amazing animals as I learned here. For example, they can live up to and beyond 20 years. They are of the camel family. They are highly intelligent and very friendly. And I think they have pretty cute faces.

The weather change has happened. It's really cold here. We dodged the snowstorm though. It hit south of here, where they had blizzard conditions. It was sunny here today, but bitterly cold, with horrible wind chills.

I met Marie, Mom's afternoon caregiver. She is a sweetheart. Mom seems to really like her too. We are so lucky to have such wonderful caregivers for Mom. Each one has been amazing. I'm really pleased with this new agency. Marie got Mom up to play piano. She was surprised that Mom plays by memory. Mom remembers one song, and she can play it from memory. Two years ago she was still reading music. She was always a very good pianist so I'm not surprised that she can still play. What a weird disease this is.


nancy said...

we avoided the snow as well (must have hit between the two of us) but have the bitter cold today - -40.

glad your mom is doing well with the caregivers, it makes life easier for both of you! stay warm!!!

~Betsy said...

I think it's awesome your mom is able to play the piano from memory! Enjoy that as long as you can!

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