Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lily's calcium is still elevated. I am taking her back for more blood work on Saturday. The vet mentioned hyperparathyroidism or idiopathic hypercalcemia. I googled both of those. I'm still not sure what's up. I just want her to be OK.

Today I was thinking about the signs that should have warned me that something was up with Mom. Mom had notes to herself everywhere; in the kitchen, in her bedroom and next to her chair in the den. These notes consisted of things such as the birth dates and ages of her children, characters in her favorite TV shows and even the warning signs for Alzheimer's. I've found many of these notes throughout the house and her personal papers. Mom would always cry when I would leave for home after a visit. Now I know why; she was afraid of being alone. She needed help with so many things that she had handled easily before. She started having trouble balancing her checkbook. It was difficult for her to learning anything new. Once Christmas we kids gave her a mailstation which allowed her to receive email. She couldn't figure out how to use it even after I showed her dozens of times how to do so.

Today is my brother's birthday. He turned 50. Mom and I called him to wish him a happy day. Next year I wonder if Mom will remember her children? I hate this disease.


~Betsy said...

It's interesting to read about your mom pre-diagnosis. I have always wondered if our ADLO's are aware of their decline or if the disease clouds that further. Your mom's notes tell me she knew something was wrong.

On the other hand, my mom was completely oblivious - at least to my knowledge. She never said a word to anyone about it and it was my dad who first noticed the signs.

I hope all turns out well with Lily. My kitties are like children to me.

nancy said...

your post hit a chord with me. i remember all too well many talks i would have with russ about his memory declining and what it felt like to him. i know he was very scared.

i would find lots of notes as well, the majority of them with my sister's or my name with our phone number on them.

there was also a time where he would call here 10-12x/day talking to the boys about his computer. how frustrating that must have been for him and how patient they were with him as well.

you are right, i hate this disease and how it slowly killed my father! bless you as you continue to travel down this long, hard road.

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