Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lake Superior at the Duluth entrance. I remember it well. This is what the lake looks like on frigid cold days. It looks like fog or steam. You can barely make out the outline of the Roger Blough making her way through the, what is it, fog?

Our weather has moderated. Today I made it out to grocery shop. As long as one doesn't spend too much time outside it's not bad.

Tomorrow is a holiday so I will not have to go to work. There have been many MLK celebrations already this weekend. My favorite non-holiday event was the US Pond Hockey Championship. They create dozens of rinks on one of the area lakes and teams play hockey. It must have been hard in this frigid weather.

Mom has had a good weekend for the most part. She's had a few moments when she's been agitated but nothing too terrible. Last evening she was agitated so I suggested that we go lie on her bed. That seemed to calm her down and she was better for the rest of the night. She slept well, waking up at around 7:15 am. It took so long for the house to warm up this morning because the temperature outside was -14 F. I wrapped her in a fleece blanket and we watched M*A*S*H on the Hallmark channel.


~Betsy said...

I hope the weather breaks soon for you, Robyn. I can't imagine how hard it is to deal with an ADLO and the cold. I used to dread anytime below freezing with my mom.

Enjoy your day off!

nancy said...

we too are starting to warm up a little, that's why we have the snow. hang in there.

Annie said...

I finally had to take Mom out today, we were running out of things like milk. At least it had stopped snowing and warmed up a little, although the wind chill was still bad.

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