Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It takes a village to care for someone with Alzheimer's.

Mom refused to go to daycare again today. When I called in the afternoon she was angry at me for being at work. This is something that we went through last winter. I'm trying to increase the amount of time that a caregiver is with Mom. The agency appears to be having difficulty finding caregivers available in the afternoon. I was dreading my return home, certain that Mom was going to be in a foul mood. Turns out she was back to her cheerful self. What a relief.

Today I made an appointment with the podiatrist for Mom. And I made an appointment for me to visit with the elder law attorney to talk about trusts and make sure that Mom's paperwork is in order. Eventually I need to make an appointment with the mortuary to pre-plan the inevitable. I'm not looking forward to that at all. For myself, I made an appointment with an audiologist. My hearing had declined and I have a constant ringing in my ears. Four years ago when I had it tested my ability to hear low frequencies was non-existent. It will be interesting to see if this has changed.

I still haven't heard what the results were for Lily's blood tests. Fingers crossed that she is OK.

UPDATE: the vet just called. Lily's calcium level was high which could mean a thyroid problem or cancer. Or it could just be a false reading. That's pretty common from what the vet said. We need to recheck in two weeks. Mom and I just prayed that her levels are normal when they retest. Mom is upset but I told her not to worry until we have something to worry about. I'll be praying for my sweetie.


Annie said...

That's a lot of stuff going on, Robyn! Keeping my fingers crossed for your ears and Lily's retest!

nancy said...

will say a prayer that your hearing checks out ok. for lily too. keep up the good job with your mom!

~Betsy said...

Keeping you, your mom and Lily in my thoughts and prayers.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Keeping you, your mom and Lily in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad your mom was in a good mood when you got home. ((hugs))

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