Monday, January 28, 2008

We just got home from Mom's haircut and perm. It took two hours. Her hair looks great though. She was excited to go to the salon, she practically ran to the car (at least there was no complaining) but during the rinsing for her perm she started to get testy. We calmed her down though and she was able to sit through her haircut and blow dry. The stylist really is good with Mom so even though it's pricey, it's worthwile to me.

Can you believe it? It's RAINING tonight! After tonight we head back into the deep freeze until Friday. The temp will drop at least 50 degrees by tomorrow. Ick! This is weird weather. I hope the rain doesn't freeze on the roads.


~Betsy said...

Yay for a cooperative Mom during a hair salon visit! She must look lovely.

It's raining here, too today. Forecasters predict high winds, rain to snow and temps in the teens by tomorrow at lunch time. It is weird weather, isn't it?

Annie said...

It sounds like your Mom had a nice time at the hair salon. I'm glad.

Local schools are closing at 10:50, it is almost white-out conditions right now. Dang it, I have your yarn ready to send out, but won't venture out to the post office in this. Too nasty to take Mom out.

nancy said...

we are having the thunderstorms as i type and expected to drop by as much tonight as well.

glad your mom was able to tolerate that length of time at the hair salon. funny how we appreciate the things we use to take for granted.

stay warm!

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