Monday, January 14, 2008

Mom was very agitated and emotional today according to her caregivers. She was fine at first this morning, but when Terri gave her her meds, Mom got angry and threw them. Terri waited and tried again a little later and things were fine. Then when Alisha came this afternoon Mom was tearful but I guess she settled down. By the time I arrived home Mom was so happy to see me. It really is hard to be away from her for 10 1/2 hours 4 days a week. But at least I know that someone is with her most of the day. That is a relief for me.

This weekend she asked me a couple of times if this was her house. She also will look through her coloring books and say that certain pictures were colored by someone else. We also had a lot of sobbing about Dad, especially at night (sundowning?) Last night we talked about what she would do while I am at work. I told her that Terri and Alisha would be with her during the day, and she asked how much that was going to cost her. Some days I can't imagine having Mom move to a facility but other days it seems like it can't happen soon enough for both of us. I really think she would do better in a more structured environment but I don't look forward to that day. She is going to pitch one heck of a fit about moving.

To top things off, Lily needs follow-up bloodwork, Mom needs follow-up bloodwork and I need a follow-up mammogram. Days off for me revolve around going to the doctor or taking Mom to the doctor lately. And cold weather looms above all of this. On a positive note, the amount of daylight is increasing each day! Yay


~Betsy said...

I'm glad you have someone there for your mom. It must be so hard for you and I wish I could offer advice. I know with my mom, it got to the point I couldn't leave her at all and the juggle was so difficult. You're doing a great job, Robyn. ((hugs))

nancy said...

i agree with betsy. unfortunately at some time it will get to the point that you will not be able to leave her alone, even for a few minutes.

your journey is becoming more difficult and my heart breaks for you. i wish i could tell you things will get better but we all know differently.

you are a wonderful daughter and doing a great job. follow your heart robyn. (((((hugs)))))

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

I'm glad you have some help during the day while you're at work, Robyn. You're doing a wonderful job and I'm sure your mom appreciates all you do. ((hugs))

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