Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I've added a new website called Alzheimer's Notes that has some interesting and perhaps useful, information. I found it when I googled for articles about Alzheimer's caregiving in the workplace. In fact, I got quite a few hits when I googled this.

I feel a little better after talking with my sister this morning about balancing work and caregiving. All I can do, like everything else, is take it one day at a time.


Mary Emma Allen said...

I'm so pleased you discovered Alzheimer's Notes. I just visited your blog and will have to explore further. I love your design. Altough are the berries bittersweet? I so often mention the word bittersweet in remembering my mom and aunt, or in caring for them.

nancy said...

glad you're feeling a little more positive today robyn. hang in there, you are such a great daughter and i'm praying that things will work out for you.

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