Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mom would like to get her hair cut and anyway. Tomorrow who knows? But today she wants it done. Unfortunately I have to make an appointment and the girl that normally does it works part time so it might be difficult to get Mom in. I'll try tomorrow though. In the meantime, she's asked when we can go at least 2 dozen times and each time I've tried to patiently answer her. But man it's so annoying! The only thing that helps is knowing that she can't help it. She's not doing it on purpose. She wanted to lie down around 5:00 PM so I helped her to bed. It seems to calm her down to do this so I encourage it.

It was warm today! 40 F degrees! I didn't see anyone wearing shorts or flip flops though. Everyone was at the car wash.

We are watching skating again. Mom says she's never seen a man do this ice skating.


~Betsy said...

The repetitive questions were so difficult sometimes. I definitely hear ya', Robyn. You're a good daughter!

nancy said...

i agree, many times i just felt like screaming at my dad "you've already asked me that 50 times." fortunately i only lost my cool with him 2x that i can remember, and felt terrible afterwards.

hang in there robyn, tomorrow's another day. you're so good with your mom.

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