Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas is officially over in our house. Today I packed up the ornaments and boxed up the tree. I wonder what life will be like in one year? I spend so much time trying to live in the moment, yet there is so much planning for the future that needs to be done

Mom continues to have both lucid and squirrelly moments. She remembered that I had taken Olivia to get her claws trimmed when my sister called. She apologizes for her angry outbursts. Her appetite is pretty good. But she keeps asking about her husband, my dad. What happened to him? And then she will sob. And I will feel sad because I miss him too. Very much.


~Betsy said...

I'm sorry Robyn. Those back and forth moments and the times when I was asked things I didn't want to answer - well, they tore me apart. Especially when mom would ask anything about my dad. I feel your pain, friend.

You and your mom are in my heart and prayers. ((hugs))

nancy said...

i too feel your pain robyn. fortunately for me russ never asked about my mom right after she died or for about a year, it actually freaked me out because i would have loved to have talked about her to him, yet i know it would have been hard. the last 3-4 months of his life, russ would occasionally ask about her but by then his AD was advanced enough that he would be pacified if i just answered "she's not here right now." unfortunately i sense that your mom is still lucid enough most times to understand but it's an answer to consider down the road if not appropriate right now.

again, i'm thinking of you. (((hugs)))

rilera said...

Thanks Nancy and Betsy. It's so nice to have your advice and support. I appreciate it so much.

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