Thursday, January 17, 2008

A full week of nearly full time caregivers and Mom remembers that they were with her during the day, but she doesn't remember names. She said that she asks them how much she owes them and they say 'nothing'. She can't understand that, why won't they take money?

Yesterday we had the 'where is my husband-what did he die from?' conversation over and over. She's at the stage where I can't tell her he's not here right now, she knows he's dead. That's a hard one. Instead of using waterboarding for interrogation I think the CIA should use Alzheimer's patients. It's enough to drive you crazy. But I know she can't help it and that hurts even more.

In Duluth, the ship formerly known as the Belle River, a 1000 footer, ran over something in the harbor while heading into winter layup and grounded in 20 feet of water. They are scrambling to pump the water out of the engine room before it can freeze. Duluth is expecting a -60 F windchill this weekend. Ah, I remember those days. But there is no one to reminisce with. I've included a picture of the lovely Belle River so you can see what a 1000 foot laker looks like. She's black because she carries coal. If she were red then she would carry iron ore or taconite pellets.


nancy said...

i am so sorry that your mom is going through this stage. i loved your comment though about the CIA. how right you are!!! hang in there, you are so patient with her.

~Betsy said...

I'm sorry about the stage your mom is in, too. It's so hard and it pulls at your heart strings.

Thanks for the photo of that beautiful ship. Stay warm this weekend - your forecast sounds nasty cold!

Annie said...

The questions can be crazy making! Sorry about that.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Sorry your mom is going through this stage. You do find humor in it though with the CIA comment. That was a good one! It might even work, too. LOL

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