Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The latest tainted food incident in the US again involves ingredients imported from China. Perhaps it is time to ban imports of foodstuffs from that country until they can get their act together. Cheaper is not always better. It's time to bring the manufacture of products, especially foodstuff, back to the US where things are at least regulated somewhat better than they are in other countries. Outsourcing is not the answer whether it be foods or services. How many more incidents will it take before we get a clue? Then there was the story about the Chinese government asking the world bank to cover up the thousands of deaths that occur in China because of air and water pollution in their quest to achieve the industrial great leap forward. Pollution from China is now reaching the shores of the US west coast and our planet continues to slowly die from our total disregard for it's beauty and fragility. It's time to wake up folks and accept that we are smothering the very planet that gives and sustains our lives. It must stop.

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