Friday, July 27, 2007

Toileting Mom is one of my least favorite, but most necessary tasks. A used to joke that I could never babysit for more than a few hours because I refused to change diapers. That rule is out the door now. I wish I had had time to practice. I end up gagging and throwing up with Mom, which upsets her. So I've asked for ways to avoid the gag, and someone suggested using Vicks under my nose. It doesn't seem to help. Today we are (hopefully) off to the day program for Tai Chi, lunch and a jazz pianist. I think Mom would enjoy those 3 things. I still need to get a urine sample from her for the doctor to test.


~Betsy said...

Along with the Vicks under your nose, I have read to breathe through your mouth. I have no idea if this works or not, but it could be worth a try.

As for the urine sample, gosh...good luck with that. Maybe you could purchase one of those "hats" and fit it over the toilet? I think they can be found at pharmacies.

Hope you enjoy your outing today!

rilera said...

Hi Betsy, I picked up a 'hat' at the doctor's office today and will try to get a sample this weekend. I will try breathing through my mouth, that might help. Thanks for your comments. I feel less alone now that I've found you and Nancy.

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