Friday, July 20, 2007

Today we head to PAC for our 'volunteer' work. Hopefully it will go well and Mom will be comfortable. I have my doubts since everything I try seems to backfire, but I need to be optimistic and persistent. I read that it can take several weeks for someone with dementia to accept change. I would certainly feel less worried at work if I knew that Mom was somewhere safe during part of the day and that she was having a good time. I've moved the iPod sounddock to the dining room since Mom and I are spending more time there 'painting' and reading. Mom's love for music really seems to calm her. In fact I can usually distract her during a catastrophic reaction by playing music. It looks like we are getting a new neighbor across the driveway. Workers are over there putting in cabinet doors and stuff. Last night I went over to Jae's and she gave me a tour of her house. They have the 5 foot shower which I wish I had had put in Mom's bathroom. The jacuzzi is nice and might be a major selling point, but the 5 foot shower would be great for bathing Mom. Oh well. Live and learn.

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