Friday, July 27, 2007

The new wheelchair that I ordered on Wed. arrived today! When I opened it up, Mom's face lit up. Now she can come into the stores with me, and we can walk around the neighborhood together and around the lake. It will be good.

Our trip to the day program went fairly well. I really want to get Mom signed up for it. She got upset when we got there saying "These people are all old, I'm not old" and she made some comment about their abilities. She also got tearful about the whole thing. But we stayed for lunch. After lunch I told Mom I was going to run an errand and I guess she did OK while I was gone until the group got up to listen to a jazz pianist who had come to play for them. She was crying when I showed up 1/2 an hour later. I hugged her and stayed for a while then went down to talk to the director who gave me some ideas for home health care aides who have experience dealing with people with dementia. That will be useful. The director of this program is a physical therapist and an absolute saint. She is great with the people and so helpful. She thinks that attending the program would help Mom perhaps even with some of her mobility issues.

I got the 'hat' finally for collecting Mom's urine sample. Now, to make sure everything is clean for collection. UGH.


~Betsy said...

I really hope things work out with the day center. I've tried this route with my mom, but she was really against it. She is content to stay here all day and count and sort her coins. It's bizzare, but it keeps her busy and she is happy. I will still entertain the idea of a day center, but maybe wait until the Fall. I wish she would go - I really think she would come to like it, but I just can't deal with the stress of her adjusting to it right now.

I also feel so much less alone since finding my AD blogger friends. Thank goodness for the internet!

rilera said...

It's going to be a struggle to get Mom to go to the day program. My goal is to have her going by fall so that winter will not be so lonely for her. Mom sounds like your mom, content to stay home and 'paint' in her coloring books. Otherwise, I'm going to revisit the home health aide thing. I'm armed with some good recommendations from the director of the day program.

nancy said...

my dad really enjoys day care now but it took quite a long time for that to happen. it took many tries of you are helping them out, think of the mad money you're making, etc. but eventually it worked. it's just so new for them and scary but if it's what you need, keep on trying and don't feel guilty

rilera said...

Thank you for all the encouragement Nancy and Betsy. I will keep trying. I hope to have Mom used to it before winter (winter in MN can be awfully long) and I'd rather have Mom enjoy some stimulation with the group, even if only for a few days a week for a few hours. It would take a huge load off of my mind to know she is safe.