Sunday, July 29, 2007

We tried out the new wheelchair today at Target. It has been a long time since I have shopped with Mom. She wanted everything on the shelves, it was like shopping with a kid! Her goal was to get something, anything, for herself. She wanted a DVD, a book, cookies. Then she was whining about how cold it was in the store. Yikes! I've never had kids but I guess I've got one now, and I had better get up to speed on my parenting skills. The difference is that this one used to tell me what to do so it's hard for me to tell her what to do. Anyway, the wheelchair was nice. It was easy to push and easy to get out of the trunk and set up. Mom said she enjoyed it. I wonder what it is about dementia that brings out the orneriness in the person. Grandpa was the same way, only Grandma had no tolerance for any of his shenanigans so I'm sure life was not fun for either of them. Luckily, to the best of my knowledge, this dementia stuff did not go on too long before Grandpa ended up in a nursing home. I really can't remember much about that time because I was so young and I'm sure that Mom and Dad sheltered me from it. Ah dementia, what a lovely thing to pass down from generation to generation. I hope that I am the generation that finally finds a cure for this awful disease.

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