Saturday, July 28, 2007

We had just finished dinner when Mom went 'Uh oh'. She had had an accident. It was a mess. We had just gotten her all cleaned up when it happened again. She wasn't even out of the bathroom. It was basically water. I really was hoping that lowering the Aricept would help. I'm going to start writing down what she eats. Today she had 2 glasses of OJ and 2 juice drink boxes. I wonder if all the juice could be causing this?

I escaped to the store to pick up some light fixtures for the ceiling fans in Mom's room and the den. Mom really needs to have lights that can be turned on at the door of both rooms. Unfortunately they probably won't be here in time for Joe to put them up for us. I'd like to get a light fixture for the fan in the LR too.

Today I was talking to one of our neighbors. Turns out they are from the Iron Range and Duluth. I went to high school with one of their nieces. Too funny. It really is a small world. Our favorite puppy came running over to say hi while we talked. Tonight Mom was hoping to see the neighbors when we sat on the patio but no one was out. It was like a ghost town. I think the people behind us took off in their motor home. I'm not sure where the puppy and Jae went.


~Betsy said...

Ah, the wonders of juice! I think I would limit them to see if that helps any. My mom shows signs of IBS, but the diagnosis would be too involved. Instead, I just limit milk and dairy products. Immodium used in moderation helps a lot. Her doctor recommended adding more fiber. That helped, too.
Hang in there.

rilera said...

Betsy, how much fiber and which kind do you use? I tried Metamucil and Mom had a major accident. Now we just use the chewable Benefiber tablets. Mom likes those. Mom too has IBS. I guess I will have to limit the juice and the dairy products for her too. Thanks for the advice! Depends are not cutting it for us, I need to find something that will 'contain' the mess. UGH!

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