Saturday, July 14, 2007

Went to Home Depot bright and early, bought a sanding sponge, and other painting accoutrement and sanded then painted the newly taped corner. It looks pretty good. Man I hate Cymbalta, the slightest exertion causes me to sweat like a pig all over. I hate that. And I get overheated so quickly, I'm always fanning myself in the heat. Can't anyone make an antidepressant that doesn't cause lovely side effects like weight gain and sweating??? Hopefully there are some in the pipeline. Yesterday afternoon Mom got a letter from the department of revenue saying they hadn't gotten her check for 2006 taxes. Only I had to call to learn it was that. I panicked then and checked to make sure that the IRS and Mom's accountant's checks were cashed and they were. I think the state lost Mom's check, idiots. I'm going to call and ask them if the penalty can be removed. Why would we submit the forms without the check? Because I was agitated Mom was agitated, thinking she had done something wrong. She was crying and agitated and she tried to help me find the stuff but was too confused to know what I was looking for. She gave me a crayon and asked me if that was it. Poor Mom. It's awful to see her like this. She's not very mobile. And also the issue with diarrhea has resolved for now and she has the other problem so I gave her a glass of Metamucil, raspberry flavored. I was a little concerned because there was blood in the stool but there was also some on the toilet paper so it's probably from being constipated. We cannot hit a happy medium can we?

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