Saturday, July 21, 2007

There is a feisty little lady at the day program named Dorothy. She is 93 and sharp as a tack. I remember her from the first time I visited the program. She keeps everyone in line there. One of the older gentlemen burped during lunch and Dorothy told him to excuse himself. She has lived in the community all of her life. She grew up on her family's farm which used to be just down the road from our house. She is a hoot and a dear.

Today was a quiet day for us after a restless night. Mom was up twice. I think that was because I forgot to give her the Seroquel. After the first time, I did get her to take the med and she seemed to settle down and sleep until about 9:00 am. Then I helped her with her shower. She has been coloring. We watched "I Love Lucy" for a while, she enjoys old shows from when she was younger as well as new shows like Raymond. I made my weekly Target run and then came home for the rest of the day.

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