Monday, August 13, 2007

I finally got the results of the urinalysis; in the doctor's words:
It doesn't look overwhelmingly like an infection but there is quite a bit of blood. I would suggest treating with Cipro 250 mg twice a day for a week and repeating the test to see if the blood is gone; if not we might need to talk about that.

I looked up causes of blood in urine. Guess we'll have to see how she does on the Cipro. Hopefully it will clear up with the antibiotic.

We have a boatload of trash this week and I just hauled it out to the street. Made a hair appointment for Mom. Looked up her last one and she is overdue. Hope she is in a good mood, lately she has cried at the hair stylist.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, cool and nice. Today it is humid and hot again. We had a little bit of rain, nothing too spectacular. We enjoyed the new raised deck. It's easy for Mom to just roll her walker over the door threshold and out onto the deck. She likes it and it's less worrisome for me.

Summer is slipping away far too fast for my liking. Fall is nice but even with the heat, I especially love summer.


~Betsy said...

My father-in-law recently had blood in his urine and it cleared with antibiotics. I hope the meds do the trick for your mom.

My mom won't even go to a hair salon - it's one of those things I'm working on. She seems to like her hair long, but it is so straggley. Oh well, pick you battles, huh?

rilera said...

Mom is still pretty good about personal care. She insisted upon taking a shower for her grandson's visit last week. She's still pretty with it, which is both good and bad since she can tell that something is 'up' with her. The doctor says the blood is most likely from an infection in the urinary tract.

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