Thursday, August 30, 2007

My friend Linda sent me this:

U grad composes tribute song

Two days after the I-35W bridge collapsed, U grad Phil Thompson made a trip to the Mississippi River for a view of the scene. That evening, the acclaimed pianist composed "Final Ride Home," a compelling tribute to the victims of the tragedy, their families,and volunteers. Phil Thompson's I-35W Bridge Collapse Tribute

It's a hauntingly beautiful song and the video is poignant. If you purchase the song on iTunes, the proceeds go to the Red Cross Bridge fund for victims.

Mom was sleeping when I arrived home a little after 5 tonight. I had ordered a Kitty Walk tunnel for Olivia so that she can enjoy some time outside. At first she was hesitant about it but after a while she started to relax and enjoy it. I had Mom come out on the patio so she could see her kitty in the new toy. Mom's face lit up when she saw her. She really does love that little cat and for that I am grateful to Miss Olivia. She dotes on Mom and is a great comfort to her. Our neighbors Jae, Katherine and George came over to see it. Turns out Katherine is a cat lover and she found Olivia quite enchanting (but who wouldn't?). Lily observed the proceedings from the safety of the house.

My good friend Allen sent me a link to an article in the Duluth News Tribune about a home invasion that occurred blocks from our houses (we grew up in the same neighborhood and I and my sister used to babysit for Allen and his younger brother). It was very scary. A mother and her children were tied up and robbed at gunpoint. The house was on 1st street between 34th and 35th avenues east.


~Betsy said...

Kitties can be such a comfort. My mom was never a "cat person" before moving here. We have 8 cats total - not all indoors, some are barn cats. She has become thoroughly enchanted with several of them. They plop on her lap and you can just see the happiness in her face. She seems to really enjoy them and I hear her talking to them a lot.

I'm glad your mom has Miss Olivia to make her smile.

rilera said...

My mom also was never a cat person or even a pet person when we were growing up. I think it's because she tried to bring pets home as a kid and her father would always make her take them back :( Olivia plops down on Mom's lap and 'kisses' her so she loves that. Our neighbor has a tiny little dog that Mom loves as well. She lets the dog lick her face and she looks forward to seeing Satine daily. Pets really do make a difference in everyone's life. I couldn't be without my cat Lily.

flintysooner said...

My wife has a cat. Well, that's not true really. There's a cat that stays in my wife's garage is more like it. She calls it "baby."

When I arrive baby usually stands and approaches and waits for me to put my hand down. Then she butts my hand with her head. She's pretty much done with me after that.

~Betsy said...

Funny, Flinty! I'm sure this is Baby's way of greeting you - sort of like a hand shake or a gentle hug. Try bringing Baby a treat next time and then see how she warms up.

I love my kitties. One particular favorite is Phil. When my husband first brought him home (much to my surprise), the kids named him Felicity. They had just adopted two other kittens and called them Mr. Bigglesworth and Mini-me. When Felicity went to the vet to be spay, we learned we had to change the name to Phil - for obvious reasons.

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