Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tonight I went to our townhome association meeting. After an hour I had to leave to get home to Mom. I don't like leaving her for very long since I am away all day. She was fine. She has almost finished one of her coloring books, one of the big, thick ones. She loves coloring, it seems to be very therapeutic for her. I learned that two of our neighbors are in the healthcare professionals. June is an EMT and Cindy is a nurse. One other neighbor asked where Mom was and how Mom liked her new raised platform on the patio. She said it looks like it makes life easier for Mom. Then she asked if Mom had had a stroke. I explained that it was Alzheimers and she said she had a friend who was retired from the police force who now worked as a companion for seniors. She would give me her card. It would be nice to have someone like that IF and that's a big if, Mom would accept that.

Had a flare up today and was really achy. Took a nap at lunch and that seemed to help. It's hard to sit and concentrate when I ache like that.

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~Betsy said...

I hope you're feeling better, Robyn. And I really hope your mom will accept a companion. I think that would ease your mind while you're at work.

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