Friday, August 3, 2007

Last night when I was talking to my brother it dawned on me that I cross the Mississippi River twice a day four times a week. I go over the I35 E bridge in St. Paul. That really hit home for me because it could just as easily been that bridge that collapsed, or any other bridge in the Twin Cities, or the rest of this country. It's finally sinking in; these were people who were going about their lives, driving home from work, going to a ball game, coming home from a lovely day at a waterpark. In just the blink of an eye it was catastrophe for them. I was heartened to see that the number of missing persons had diminished greatly as of this morning. Still, I am trying to avoid watching coverage of this event. It is just too awful to imagine that this happened right in our backyard.

Meanwhile, the weather continues to be clear, sunny and lovely. The music seems to be helping soothe Mom to sleep. We have a routine; we will watch 'Everybody Loves Raymond', then 'Murder She Wrote' then go to bed.

I FINALLY got a specimen from Mom. I hope it is acceptable.


nancy said...

glad you got the urine specimen, i'm impressed! also glad to hear the music is helping. my dad use to love watching everyone loves raymond, unfortunately not much holds his interest on tv anymore.

~Betsy said...

Even tough the bridge collapse was such a horrific event, I believe there were angels there that day. Some of the stories of heroics from passers-by continue to inspire me. There are still some good people out there - they were in Minneapolis that evening.

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