Saturday, August 18, 2007

It is rainy and cool today. Mom has been napping for most of the afternoon. When she naps, she seems restless; she will jerk around, move her feet and moan a lot. And her eyes will flicker. She also slept until nearly 10 am this morning. Very unlike her. Maybe her body is fighting off the infection making her more tired. She seems to have her appetite back as well which is a good thing. She took a shower this morning. The new shower head is very nice and she was able to get up out of the chair in the shower much easier thanks to the grab bar that Joe installed.

Mom says she feels 'itchy'. I asked her if her skin feels itchy and she said she feels like she needs to be doing something. She feels 'antsy'. She's been saying she's felt this way for a few days now. I wonder if upping the Seroquel did this? I will have to ask her neuro on Monday.


nancy said...

my experience is that the increased in sleeping could be from SO many different reasons. it could be a side effect of the seroquel, it could be the dreary weather, tiredness, bored, infection or just the natural progression of the disease. wait and see if there's a pattern. is this a one day occurance or not?

does your mom go to day care at all?

glad to hear the new shower is workig out!

flintysooner said...

We had another flood here overnight - like 8 inches - closed I-40 this morning for hours. Seroquel made my dad more agitated eventually and we had to stop it. I wish I could get dad in the shower. well I can get him in there - just can't do anything afterwards.

Itch and Antsy. Same number of syllables. I read another blog where a fellow was writing about how his mom couldn't find the right word but always chose one with the same number of syllables. I thought it was really interesting.

Just dropping by to read - best wishes.

rilera said...

Flintysooner, we too are having severe flooding south of here. Not good.

Nancy,Mom does not yet go to daycare, we have been trying it (I go with her under the auspices of volunteering) but she complains that she's not old and not 'like these people'. My goal is to get her settled in to daycare before winter.

~Betsy said...

Robin, Good luck with the daycare thing. My mom still insists she isn't old and like those people. It causes her such upset that I just put it on the back burner for now.

I hope things soon dry out for you all soon. The news showed some footage of the flooding. Mother Nature is nothing to wrangle with.

~Betsy said...

Oops, you spell your name with a y, don't you? Sorry about that.

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