Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mom's UTI has not cleared up so the doctor is prescribing Augmentin for 3 times/day for 10 days. If it still doesn't clear up then we need to make an appointment with a urologist. I hope it clears up. Am debating about whether to start up the home health care aide. Allyson thinks Mom will resist it after having witnessed Mom's reaction to the mere suggestion. She thinks a better idea is to call a woman who works as a companion. She might be right. It's sure nice to be able to use Allyson as a sounding board and for advice. It makes me feel less alone in this.

UPDATE: I talked to Mom's case manager/RN at Homewatch and she said that clean catch urine specs are hard to get no matter how careful you are with the elderly. She basically said that Mom might not have a UTI, it might just be contamination from the area. Hmmm.


~Betsy said...

I toyed with hiring an aide or companion, too. But my plan was to tell Mom she was there to help ME, not her. I haven't tried it yet, but maybe it will work for you.

I liked the companion I had for Mom this past Spring except she didn't seem to understand she was there for Mom, not to chat with me! Ugh.

I gave up because it was summer break for my kids and they would be home with Mom, but I suppose I will be visiting this issue again soon. I hope we are both successful!

rilera said...

I tried hiring an aide in May. After 2 different aides said they wouldn't come back the case manager/RN convinced me to try Seroquel to help with Mom's agitation and surliness. She does seem less agitated and less surly now so that's why I'm thinking of trying again.

nancy said...

i like the aide that comes for russ yet i can relate to what betsy said, sometimes i want to yell, stop talking, you're here for russ so i can have some time for myself!!!!

yes, i agree, clean cath specimens can be hard but stick with the augmentin, hopefully it will clear up anything that is still there.

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