Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We did not get delayed by the President, YAY! In fact we made it home a few minutes early. What a relief. There were state troopers and local police all over the freeway at the entrance ramps gearing up for closing the highway.

Mom's neuro and I decided she should not resume taking the Aricept. She is also finished with the Cipro so now I need to get another specimen from her for testing (eww). She remembers that she had a haircut but she cannot remember the actual event. Very strange. I mentioned some of these weird things to the neuro and she said that sometimes Aricept makes patients more confused.

My niece is doing better on day 2 of college. Whew.


nancy said...

robyn, yes, everyone reacts differently to meds. glad to hear that your niece is doing better at school.

flintysooner said...

Great that you missed the traffic jam. Hope you get the meds worked out.

Watching the weather today with all the live video of the floods - just amazing.

~Betsy said...

I just had a chance to view your video. Your mom seems great! What a wonderful collection of coloring books!

rilera said...

You're right, Mom is pretty great. She's colored most of her books so I'm always having to buy more. She usually only uses one or two colors on a page. She says she likes the freedom to color however she wants without anyone judging her.