Wednesday, August 15, 2007

There was an accident on the way to work this morning which slowed down traffic making me 20 minutes late for work. However, as we crossed the I-35E bridge in St. Paul, I saw and bald eagle winging its way along the Mississippi river in St. Paul. It was an awesome sight as I had never seen a bald eagle in the wild.

Mom is still uncannily lucid. It's almost like she is back to normal. So far we have not had any bathroom accidents (fingers are still crossed). We talked to Allyson tonight to tell her that we were enjoying a glorious evening on the new 'deck'.

Work has been crazy as usual, today I had three calls from three different recruiters. Even though I like my job a lot, I do wish I worked closer to home. Mom gets so lonely and I'm not quite sure she is completely ready for the day program yet. I also would be able to come home for lunch once in while which would help break up the day for Mom. It would be a good thing I think.


~Betsy said...

Is your mom's lucidity as a result of a medication change? It's great to have them back for a bit, isn't it? I really miss my long conversations with Mom. We still try, but I know she can't retain anything. I just try to keep it in the moment.

I would love to watch a bald eagle in the wild. I've only seen them on TV! That must have been a wonderful sight.

rilera said...

Betsy, I'm not sure what is causing Mom to be more lucid. We have stopped the Aricept and her UTI is now being treated, and we've also upped her Seroquel, maybe it's tied to that. My sister thinks maybe it was the stimulation from having people around last week, as well as having small meals throughout the day last week. This disease is so unpredictable.

Annie said...

If you can get away, or if your mom likes to go for car rides, for a nice daytrip this late fall/winter, you should head down to Wabasha. Just follow Hwy 61 south about an hour and a half. Many (hundreds?) of bald eagles overwinter along the river. (Start looking in Red Wing.) The new National Bald Eagle Center in Wabasha also has a few injured birds that you can see up close and personal. I'm originally from that area, so have seen many a bald eagle in the wild, but it is still a thrill.

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