Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mom has this weird habit of turning the glass over when she has finished drinking something. This just started recently. For a while she would use a spoon whenever she ate something, even if a fork was the better utensil choice. Every once in a while she will chew her meds or put them in the water glass so I have to be vigilant to make sure that she puts them in her mouth and swallows them with water. Boy this ALZ is weird!

My fibromyalgia flare up continues. I don't know what caused it. I took my muscle relaxant last night and slept well, but I'm still in pain today and quite a bit groggy.


nancy said...

eating is always an unknown when it comes to AD. i really wonder what must go through their minds to make m do the things they do.

sorry to hear your flare up is bothersome. is it related to the weather and all the rain the midwest has had?

rilera said...

Hi Nancy, I suppose my flare could be from all the wet weather.

Was it difficult to get Russ to go to a day program? My mom is not too thrilled with it.

flintysooner said...

Sorry about your fibromyalgia flare up.

When my dad finishes something he waits for me to remove the bowl or glass. He turns his glass (or dixie cup) upside down when he's done to get rid of every last little drop.

We only use a spoon now.

You have to really watch for swallowing problems. I had that with my mom. I hope to miss it with dad.

nancy said...

initially it was hard to get russ used to day care. he thought we were "trying to dump him off". i used the thought that the senior center needed help and he was going to "work". i also stayed with him for past of the time the first few times and i think that helped as well.

good luck and stay with it. eventually your mom will adjust.

~Betsy said...

Mom doesn't turn any glasses upside down, but I caught her feeding half her sandwich to the dog at lunch today. Her appetite has grossly diminished.

I hope your mom will take to day care, Robyn. My mom pitched such a fit at the mere suggestion of going anywhere.

rilera said...

nancy, I'm torn between the daycare option or having a companion for Mom. She gets pretty upset about either option, but she needs outside stimulation desperately. And I really don't have a backbone to 'make' her do things. Wish I could hire someone to do things :)

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